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Since 1998, AP Dynamics Inc. has been working hard to be recognized for quality and customer service

Offering services that include buried pipe stress analysis, pulsation analysis, structural analysis, finite element analysis and field troubleshooting. AP Dynamics has developed cost effective solutions for clients worldwide, and in the process engineered new paradigms in design.

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The Right Tools and Knowledge for Quality

In addition to the extensive knowledge and experience of the AP Dynamics team, we use sophisticated instrumentation and computational tools. Our specialized team is well versed in a large range of commercially available finite element and computational fluid dynamics software. We have also developed our own Time Transient Torsional Vibration Analysis software as well as Vibration Acquisition software, and keep improving their capabilities on an ongoing basis.

These tools, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of engineering first principles, allow AP Dynamics not only to follow well established engineering standards, but also to develop innovative and efficient solutions to special problems and innovative designs.