No two dynamic systems are equal. Therefore in solving dynamic and vibration problems it is very difficult to establish “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” solutions.

AP Dynamics involvement adds value to the final product by holding its design premises to high engineering standards derived from our detailed knowledge of dynamical systems and extensive design experience.

In addition to the extensive knowledge and experience of the AP DYNAMICS team, we use sophisticated instrumentation and computational tools such as Spectrum Analyzers, Finite Element software, Computational Fluid Mechanics and 3-D Modeling.

We developed our own Time Transient Torsional Vibration Analysis software and keep improving its capabilities on an ongoing base.

These tools, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of engineering first principles, allows AP DYNAMICS not only to follow well established engineering standards, but also to develop innovative and efficient solutions to special problems and innovative designs.

Technical achievements so far include the development of several innovative solutions to industrial problems in the areas of big vessels seals, compressor/engine vibration mitigation and dynamic design of skids.