Field Vibration Troubleshooting

Field vibration measurements, including a general overview of the compressor and the relevant suction and discharge lines, can be performed by AP Dynamics Inc. personnel to determine the vibration levels and natural mechanical frequencies of the systems involved. Also a general inspection of skid supports, skid structural integrity, other auxiliary lines, and any other dynamic system supports is included.

Whenever possible, these measurements will be performed at varying operating conditions and over a range of operating speeds.

When required, mechanical model of the process piping that is vibrating beyond guidelines, will be created using analysis software to assess the level of stresses induced by the vibration in addition to those induced by operating pressure and temperatures (also to be calculated).

The mechanical model will be validated by matching it to the measured natural frequencies.

A visual inspection of clamps, supports and anchorage points will be conducted, if access to the skid is possible.

The field work will be done by a team consisting of a Senior Engineer /Technologist Expert in compression and a Junior Engineer.
The analysis work will be done by a team consisting of a Senior Engineer Expert in pulsation/stress analysis and a Junior Engineer.

• A full report of findings including pictures and readings will be provided. The report includes sketches with mechanical solutions to particular vibration problem areas.
• If there is evidence to support the existence of acoustical problems, a report documenting these will be issued and a full acoustical study recommended.