Rotordynamic Analysis

Rotordynamic Analysis for Centrifugal Compressors, Pumps, Gas and Steam Turbines.

After data review, collection and verification with the Client, a geometric model is setup as including the determination of the relevant applicable operating parameters (bearing dimensions, types and variations, wheel data, etc).

The analysis includes the calculation of the un-damped natural frequencies and the associated mode shapes, determination of relevant damped critical frequencies, the logarithmic decrement and the associated mode shapes.

Force response analysis is also conducted to determine the rotor-dynamical characteristics of the machine. The analysis includes a synchronous force response analysis (synchronous imbalance for the relevant modes at the relevant stations) as well as an asynchronous force response analysis at the appropriate speeds, for the relevant stations.

Sensitivity analyses with respect to bearing clearances (if provided), and imbalances are also part of the analysis cycle.

•Complete engineering report.  This will present the results (in graphical form) obtained above.  Commentary on the salient points will be presented and a set of conclusions made.  An appropriate short summary will be included.