Torsional Field Measurements

AP Dynamics Inc. has the capability of measuring torsional vibrations on rotating equipment. The measurement is conducted by attaching strain-gauges to the shaft together with a specially designed telemetry and data acquisition system that measures stresses induced by the fluctuating torque in real time.

This tool allow our engineers to measure the average torque and its variation in time to assess the torsional vibrations at critical points.

The information thus obtained can be used directly to calculate the level of stress for different operating conditions.

Analysis of the time trace and frequency content of the signal allows us to validate torsional analyses studies or find abnormal conditions of the rotating parts.

As a result of the measurements the actual average torque and power are also calculated. This is a useful paramenter for the calcualtion of efficiency of motor/engine and compressor units.

The use of torsional vibration field measurement has given us an increasing degree of confidence in the analytical approaches we use to solve torsional vibration problems.

• A full report of findings including pictures and readings will be provided. Calculation of peak and average stresses as well as Power will be included.