Ronald Chune, P.Eng.

Ronald began his Canadian Career 18 years ago, after graduating with honors from the University of Bath in the UK, in Aeronautical Engineering. After emigrating to Canada from the UK he joined Westinghouse Canada Inc. which subsequently became part of the Siemens Power Generation. At Siemens he was part of a small engineering team dealing with Gas turbine manufacturing and component cost reduction. In this role he spearheaded the introduction of the first directionally lubricated journal bearings to be used in large heavy duty gas turbines for Siemens Power Generation. He designed, analyzed and co-patented a compressor disk locking pin, and he successfully reduced the manufacturing cost in line with company expectations. He performed numerous Finite Element and Rotordynamic studies. Despite his young age at the time he was designated as the “International Technical Liaison” between Siemens in Canada and Siemens Power Generation in Germany for the manufacture of W501F type rotors and engines. In that role he lived in Berlin, Germany.

Upon return to Canada, Ronald joined Pratt and Whitney Canada, as an aircraft engine development test engineer, where he was designated an engine owner and module owner. In that role he performed numerous test types from a full instrumentation air system tests, turbine tip clearance testing, strain gauge and temperature testing. After this he joined the Mechanical components group responsible for engine gears, bearings, shafts, seals and seal runners, in that role he performed stress, heat transfer and dynamic studies, seal rig testing and evaluation. He became well versed in high temperature high demand engine seals and the attached hardware. He wrote the Certification Report for the mechanical systems for the PW307A engine type.

He rejoined Siemens Power Generation, in Canada as a senior mechanical engineer for the technical leadership of a group of engineers responsible for the analysis and design of engine static structures for Gas turbines. In addition to the technical leadership role he also performed turbine blade thermal and structural analyses, He assessed and wrote guidance specifications for turbine brush seals for Siemens AG.

Tesco Corp recruited and moved Ronald and his wife to Calgary, as a technical resource in the development of new Top Drives.

Ronald joined an engineering consultancy in Calgary as Director of Engineering. In that role he performed numerous engineering analytical studies for the Oil and Gas Industry as well as being an ANSYSTM technical trainer. He was responsible for determining the work scope of projects and gave analytical and technical guidance to his direct reports.

Ronald founded Vanquish Consulting Engineering Ltd, where he has performed stress analyses for AP Dynamics Inc. He has also become a consultant for TransCanada Pipelines Inc. where he is a resource for the Design department as well as for the Mechanical and Major equipment groups performing pipeline and component dynamic and static stress studies and design alterations as needed.